Official launch

Published on 21st July 2015 under OSF Events
Official launch

The OSF is pleased to announce a reception to mark the charity’s official launch on Tuesday 8th September. We look forward to welcoming supporters from far and wide – including many from North Ronaldsay itself – where they will hear a short presentation of the charity and enjoy some local delicacies, including samples of North Ronaldsay mutton.

From 6pm  at King Street Halls, Kirkwall.

“The Sheep on the Shore”

The reception follows a talk on the history of the North Ronaldsay sheep by Dr Marie Balasse of the French Natural History Museum.

“The Sheep on the Shore” – 5-6pm at King Street Halls, Kirkwall. 

Tickets are £4 and £2 and can be purchased from the Orkney International Science Festival website.

“The North Ronaldsay sheep have a long history – and so does their diet. Archaeozoologist Dr Marie Balasse describes how isotope analysis of teeth from Orkney Neolithic sites show that as early as 4000BC, seaweed was contributing to the winter diet of Orkney sheep.”


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